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Kingsacre is a very open school and the teachers and Mrs Cole make themselves available to work in partnership with parents.

When children first join a new class the teacher will give the children a few weeks to settle before inviting parents in for their first formal meeting. This is an opportunity to meet, to share observations, to ask questions and to discuss the learning that has taken place so far. There is however no need to wait until this meeting to speak to your child's teacher either informally or formally if you have a concern or question - we have an open door policy

Your child will be given a Home/School contact book which enables staff and parents to liaise about what parents can do to support the child’s work and togive feedback from home. All the way through your child's journey at Kingsacre this will be an important vehicle for communication. 

The next formal contact will be the Spring Term parent/teachermeeting, thisis then repeated again near the end of the Summer Term, after you have received your child's Annual Report. This report details your child’s progress in all areas of the curriculum and highlights targets for improvement to enable your child to reach at least an expected level for their age. This report also includes a summary of your child’s attendance/absence for the year.

In addition to these formal opportunities throughout the year, the teachers and Mrs Cole will always be happy to make an appointment to meet or speak with you at anytime. If you would like to make an appointment it is suggested that you send in a note, call (01271 815485) or pop into the school office or catch your child's teacher at the end of the day.

You can also email us - admin@kingsacre-primary.devon.sch.uk


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